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Our Latest Features

Create Your Own Work Flow
WEEKJ software comes with a prebuilt workflow that is easy to modify multiple projects and team tasks to suit your specific business goals. Project managers can easily adjust task lists and due dates with drag and drop scheduling. This mobile-friendly system lets users send and receive tasks for approval through emails and keep track of communication. Team members who are off-site can keep a check on project status and are able to update their own.

Data Protection & Security
WEEKJ can be installed online or on-premises in your own system infrastructures that allow you to have total control over your data ownership and secure file sharing. Security will be provided through end-to-end https encryption of data, two-factor authentication, password security, session runtime, and more. WEEKJ identity management system feature will allow team members to sign in to the application with their corporate credentials with the single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. This feature ensures the right people have permission to access the system.

Real-Time Reporting & Project Tracking
With accurate and timely reporting project managers can ensure each project is delegated to the assigned team members, projects are progressing on schedule and on time. Managers will know where their team members are on the assigned task goals. Stakeholders will get frequent updates on timeline performance, resource allocations, and budgets for projects across the organization.

Task List & Schedules
Tasks list or to-do list is visible on the WEEKJ dashboard where you can have a complete overview of your projects at a glance for team members to access easily. Project managers can assign tasks and update the task status. Ensuring that every team member can check in to see what jobs have been executed and what’s left to be done. Calendars, time trackers, and milestone tools will also be able to help measure project progress status in real-time.

Assigned User Roles
This feature provides project managers the ability to assign roles, tasks and configure each team access privileges. If you have a complex project that requires multiple teams then you can interact with other team members to make sure that everyone is on the same page of the project from start to finish and being accountable.

Email & Desktop Notifications
Notification alert on WEEKJ ensures important updates of your projects never be missed. Any tasks that are created and assigned to or who is following are based on the user’s corresponding action. WEEKJ notification feature comes up with project update notifications, mentions, comments, messages, and deadline reminders. These features can be managed through mobile notifications, email notifications, and desktop notifications with reply functionalities.

Integration Tools
WEEKJ provides the capabilities to integrate with common web-based document management tools such as Google Docs and Box. It allows members to view, edit and print project documents in real-time. Users can also access thousands of tools and integrate them into their projects.

Gantt Charts, Calenders & Time Trackers
Gantt Charts, timelines, and shared calendars are the best way to visualize a 360-degree view of project completion percentage. You will get the whole picture on the dashboard, highlight overdue tasks, track progress status, edit task dependencies, and more. Project managers can manage team workflows efficiently through these visual tools.

Data Storage
Data is stored in secure servers within the Enterprise Cloud. Datacenter and network structures are designed for the highest data security of business organizations. You know what happens to your data and where they are stored.

Team Collaboration Tools
WEEKJ project management solution provides the most advanced functionalities that allow team members to connect, link interactions to project tasks then take action on items. Teams will be able to have in-context conversations, incorporate instant messages, emails and share documents in a single platform.

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